Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hello Kitty Island (헬로키티아일랜드) at N Seoul Tower

I love Hello Kitty and yes this is the reason why I decided to visit N Seoul Tower again. I wanna see this new attraction and I’ve seen so many changes and new things from the last time I went up here. 

Hello Kitty Island is located at the 5F beside the ticket booth. Please check this post on how to get here

It was already late, so there are only a few people inside. A chance to take a good picture without extras lol. Now drool....

As you enter, you will see a display of dolls wearing different national costumes the "Hello Kitty World". And on the other side, there is this Hello Kitty History where HK pictures framed from 1974 up to the present.

Now here’s the spacious living room. I love the fireplace my gosh! 😍

Hello Kitty family ❤.

The Kitchen, can I bring home the fridge please 😁

I want all!! So cutee 😊

I wish these are all edible 😁

Who wants a piano inside your bedroom 💚

Awwww Hello Kitty bedroom, I dream of this 😢

I’m in love 💗💗💗

Here’s the dining room, the shape of the table is so cute and unique.

They all look yummy but it’s hard to eat because they all look cute, I just want to frame and put on display. 😆

Ok, the Kitty house is just that. Now here’s the message corner as I call it or the Heart Hall.

Then a few more stuff for picture taking purpose before you leave the place.

Ok that’s it, this is worth it if you’re a Hello Kitty lover. It’s just a small place, it will only take you an hour I guess depends on the number of people inside or how long you take pictures. 😆

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