Wednesday, June 28, 2017

EXseOul Trip 2017: Kamong Cafe 카몽 카페

1678-4 Seocho 1(il)-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Telephone No. +82-2-522-5949
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00

Finally! I was able to visit my baby’s café. As a Kai stan, visiting Kamong is a dream haha, on top on my list. This cafe is popular to K-Pop enthusiasts, most especially to EXO fans as this is manage and owned by Kai’s older sisters.

Every time the fandom visits Kamong, they posted it on Twitter. The food really looks so inviting, I can’t wait to see and tried it myself. I love desserts so this cafe is really a must try.

Aside from the food, they posts it with their plushies. So now, this is my instagrammable shot that I can share together with my very own Nini.

How to get there:

Take the subway line no. 2 (Green) to Seoul National Univeristy / Gyodae Station and use Exit 1. Walk straight for 10 – 15 mins., after 5 blocks you will see the building at the corner. Then take the stairs to the 2nd floor where the café was located.

Pic credit to SM Town Facebook

EXO's Kai with his dog Monggu, this is where they got the café’s name Kai+Monggu = Kamong.

It is a two storey cafe, the walls are made of glass so I find it very classy and cozy.

The café had a delightful ambiance, interior is very simple with a modern touch.

It’s almost dinner time when we get here, but since it’s summer sun sets at 8PM. I was so excited to visit Kamong. No, I didn’t expect to meet Jongin (Kai) coz I know they are too busy with their concert rehearsal but the fact that I was here I’m just feeling so happy. 

You won’t see any Kai pictures and stuff inside unlike other K-Pop owned restos and café, only this, his signature which is located at the counter.

The girl at the counter greeted me with her bright smile. I knew it, it was Kai’s sister and I guess she is the oldest. They both have the same eyes and smile. My gosh, I am talking to his sister *scream*. She looks so nice taking my order, yes she speaks english I know it's hard for her but she's trying. I was about to tell her that I am Jongin’s mom nyahaha 😆, needed to control myself ok. When I get back on my seat, I saw her coming on our table and approach me just to confirm my order. She was so cute smiling and actually nice for asking me. 

My mango smoothie. Have you seen the drawing on the cup? It was drawn by Kai, is this his family with Monggu? Kawaiii my sweet and talented baby 😃

This café is unique for having a variety of desserts and pastries to choose from, but they are popular with their waffles and bingsu. I ordered this lip smacking double ice cream waffle. I am not being biased but it’s very tasty, even my non k-pop friend said it’s good so we finished the whole plate. I also love the presentation, if you look at their other dishes it makes you want to eat them all. For sure will always visit Kamong so I can try their other dishes, I wanna try their bingsu next time. 

Café’s are so popular in Seoul so I recommend you all to visit Kamong even to non-kpop enthusiasts and don’t forget to have a taste of their bingsu and waffles. See you then 😉

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