Tuesday, June 20, 2017

EXseOul Trip 2017: Gangnamdol and K-Star Road

This is part of every K-Pop fangirls/boys bucket list when coming to Seoul. The K-Star Road is tag as where the stars are born.  There are entertainment companies like SM, JYP, Cube and FNC that's within the area and so as the Gangnamdol. These human bear-scale bear doll is the symbolic sculpture of K-Star Road and were line along the streets of Apgujeong. Find your favorite K-Pop group doll and take a souvenir photo. I was with my non k-pop friend so, I think I might come back next time. We only look for my bias group doll that is EXO 😉.

How to get there: 
Take the Bundang Line subway to Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Exit 2.

Before you exit the station, there is this G+Star Zone Exhibition and Got7 was their featured artist. This is a project of Gangnam-gu Office for disadvantage youth. There is a donation area where you can send your help.

As you exit the station, you can already find the line of Gangnamdols along the street but let me take you first to the Gangnamdol Haus. Turn right as you take the exit 2, the shop is just across the street located at the corner beside Louis Vuitton.

My shoefie or from where I stand photo 😊.

But before crossing the street you will pass by this giant Gangnamdol of Psy.  Well, this place became more popular with his hit song “Gangnam style” who would have not known that.

This map will help you locate the Story Store, Entertainment Companies and the Gangnamdols around the area.

A cute glass elevator with Gangnamdol stickers (I saw EXO 😍) fronting the Gangnamdol Haus.

The nearest exit here is EXIT 7, this is a souvenir shop and a tourist information at the same time.

They sell miniature Gangnamdols and magnets.

After buying some souvenir, we headed back to Gangnamdols. And like what I have said, we were not able to finish the 17 Gangnamdol K-Pop group images. After AOA, the next doll looks a bit far so we decided to go back. Well at least I still have a reason to go back, I am already happy to see this image below.


The next time I come back, will probably finish it and visit the entertainment companies near the area. I was with a non-kpop friend so, see you again next time.

This is the complete list of Gangnamdol Idol Singers that you can find at the K-Star Road.

  1. 4Minute
  2. Super Junior
  3. 2PM
  4. FT Island
  5. Shinee
  6. Miss A
  8. TVXQ
  9. Girls Generation
  10. EXO
  11. AOA
  12. BTS
  13. B1A4
  14. VIXX
  16. KARA
  17. Block B

Going back to the station, my friend saw a group of teens in the area. She asked me if I want to check, it might be one of the entertainment agency. The place actually looks familiar, and I knew it. I saw a lot of fancams here, so this was the old SM Bldg? I saw some Baekhyun fans outside with their boxes of gifts for his birthday.

Ok, as much as I want to wait a little longer, I knew there would be a less chance to see my babies here 'coz they probably rehearsing for the concert.

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