Sunday, March 6, 2016

레미콘 Remicone (Ice Cream), Sinsa

547-12, Sinsa-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul
Phone no. +82.2.6207.1029
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00
Facebook Page: Remicone 

From Itaewon, I took the train again heading to Sinsa for my next food trip. There is another popular Ice Cream store in Garosu-gil that I should visit too. I don’t know, I am just interested in these unique kind of things. Not ordinary and cannot be found in my country as of writing.

This is Remicone’s popular Thunder Bomb Ice Cream. Not just your ordinary sundae ice cream, it has a fluffy cotton candy on top. It has 3 flavors, Milk, Salted Caramel and Real Chocolate. What I have is the milk flavour since the salted caramel is not available. 
How to get there:

Take Seoul subway line 3 to Sinsa Station, exit 8 then walk straight. Turn left on the 3rd street (It’s Skin). Walk straight again just count the no. of streets on your right side. On the sixth streets (look where you can cross the street) turn right (after H&M) Remicone is located at the end of the street on your left. Just look at the map below and count the number of streets, these landmark stores are not permanent.

Luckily, there were local tour guides in the area, you can spot them around Seoul. They are the ones wearing a red vest with “I” for information printed on it. Just to be sure I ask for direction going to Remicone, It’s actually not a tourist spot so they look blank at first hehe. I also showed them my itinerary with Korean translation, and they finally realize that it’s an ice cream shop. Thankful to them for making my life easier hehe, I didn’t have a hard time looking for it.

In this corner, you can easily find this cute truck ice cream parlor. It’s a very small shop, and can only fit 10 people or less.

With its ambience, it looks like a laboratory even the servers are wearing all white with masks.

Their two best sellers are Thunder bomb and Hawaiian beach. I have to choose only one, I can still remember the taste of my banana cake from Banana Tree and here I am again… good thing I still have some space for more desserts. I get the Thunder Bomb and the price is a bit pricey for KRW6,100.

You can mix your ice cream with different toppings; they have the three steps here.

Yey, I’ve got mine! It was still nice to see you in person, though candy floss on top is not new now. I already have it in my latte at Banana Tree.  But this still amazes me hehe, so cute, now how do I eat you? Well, since I’m still figuring out, I realize that this fluffy cotton candy looks like a granny hair and a Shih Tzu hehe. 

I love it, the soft serve vanilla ice cream. Well, I love ice cream, and I eat it even on a cold weather. They also have branches in Doota Mall at Dongdaemun. But if you plan to go to Line Cafe, it is located a few streets from here going back to the subway.

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