Friday, December 4, 2015

별다방미스리 Miss Lee Cafe, Myeongdong

199-1 Euljiro 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
Phone No. +82.2.755.0939
Opening Hours: 10 AM – 11PM

Visiting Seoul’s cutest café is today’s plan. Hopefully a more relaxing trip this time, compare before. I actually have a lot on my list, but let’s see where my feet will take me today.

Let’s start with Miss Lee Café, since I’m already in Myeongdong I decided to have my brunch here. Yes brunch, I woke up late hehe the perks of travelling alone. No pressure, you can sleep and do anything you want… that’s life!

Dosirak lunch box.

I went to check this Café last night, but I had a hard time, maybe because they were already closed. I did this map below, so it would be more easy for you to find (screencaps from google map).

How to get there:
The nearest station is Euljiro 1-ga, Exit 5 or 6.

If you are coming from Myeongdong Station, just walk straight from Exit 6. Then turn left if you see Paris Baguette to your right.

Well, I was able to find it in daylight hehe. Try to look up, it’s a 3 storey building with a wooden exterior on the 2nd and 3rd flr. If you see a little girl with short hair and wearing a yellow star pin then that’s it.

This is the entrance of the cafe, there's a chair on the side with a girl (Miss Lee) sitting and holding a camera.

A Korean reality TV Show “We Got Married” with YongHwa of CN Blue and SeoHyun of Girls’ Generation were filmed at Miss Lee Cafe but on another branch. So if you're a fan of these two better visit their Insadong branchHere’s the address and map.

Miss Lee Cafe Insadong
144 Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-gu , Seoul
Anguk Station - Exit 6

The café is painted in white and plastered with notes.

They have toy collections too including Astroboy.

I was not able to go to the 3rd floor, coz I can’t leave my things at first. Then when I finished eating, I forgot to check it na.

The scene before the restaurant filled up with hungry customers.

Miss Lee Café buzzer and cute menu. They offer a variety of drinks and desserts. One of the most popular dessert here is the Byeoldabang Patbingsu, a snow flakes with sweet red bean and fruits on top, will try this next time.

Ang tagal naman..... ng order! char!

The café is also famous in serving this Korean traditional rice lunch box or Dosirak lunch box. An affordable lunch for KRW6,500 with seaweed soup and a drink of your choice, well not bad.

It’s a Bibimbap  (rice, kimchi, seaweed, egg and spam). But before you eat it, you have to mixed it first, cover then shake it. That’s how they do it, gaya na lang tayo.

Did someone leave a bag or is it part of the décor? just asking hehe...

More toys and small items for sale here.

I had a great time, nice place with a cool ambiance but the food is just average. What makes the café cute and catchy are these thousands of notes hanging around and Miss Lee herself, I mean the girl with a yellow star hair pin.

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