Monday, March 7, 2016

호호미욜 Hoho Myoll Cafe

93-44, Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Opening Hours: 10AM – 12AM
Phone No. +82 2-322-6473

Before I scheduled my Cafe hunting for this day, I already checked on their menus first. So since Hoho Myoll served meals like pasta, I decided to make it my last stop to have my dinner. If you search about this cafe on the internet, it looks like this is one of their faves and yes, it didn't disappoint me either.

The café is just a few mins. walk away from its nearest subway which is Sangsu Station. And I didn’t had a hard time looking, if you see a glass wall on your right like this picture below, then that’s it.

How to get there: 

Sangsu Station (Line 6), Exit 2 then turn left walk towards Hongik University and the cafe is on your right.

As you enter the café, a vintage Volkswagen will welcome you. It’s just a small café, maybe it looks messy to some but it looks cute, unique and artsy to me. And if you are a cat lover you will love it more with their cute displays inside. The cafe was named after Myoll, their cat who lives here though i didn't see him/her at that time.

Though it looks hippie and a nice place to hang out with friends, for me it looks romantic at night. I don’t know maybe because of the lighting, a few bulbs and lamps gives light to the café plus the couples dating during my visit. 😄

The staffs are very nice and accommodating they treat me well since they knew I’m a tourist, yeah they can speak english.  The food looks appetizing, chicken pasta in a bread bowl combined with my watermelon juice 😋

Now I’m hungry, let’s eat aaaaaaa 😃😃😃

The food was great, that pasta was tasty and yummy. I recommend you to try it not just their desserts and coffee. If you visit Seoul, include Hoho Myoll Café on your list too. 🙆💗

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