Thursday, December 3, 2015

Travelling Seoulo!

Wala lang, trip-trip lang I decided to go solo this time, well half of my trip because my friend Jas decided to come along after. It’s on my bucket lists to travel alone, as in the whole duration of my trip, hmmm maybe next time ako na lang talaga haha!

In planning for my solo trip I was thinking of Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Aside from being my fave Asian destinations, I feel safe and comfortable to these 3 countries. Well, I’ve been to Japan and Taiwan this 2015, so will probably go to Korea. It’s already been 3 years since the last time I visited the country.

I booked my ticket via Cebu Pacific and got a promo fare for almost PHP6K. Then I applied for my Visa a month before my departure thru a travel agency. It will cost me less paying for P650 processing fee than to go on leave and to travel all the way from north to south. This travel agency is an angel, because we work in the same building.

Visit the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines website for the VISA requirements, downloadable application form and other info’s here.

Transfer train at the airport.

Alleluia!!! I was able to sleep on the plane at least an hour maybe. Even though I’m a frequent traveler, I am still scared to ride on a plane and hardly get any sleep. It was a smooth flight, and after more than 4 hours we safely landed in Incheon.

Finally, it’s good to be back! Annyeong-haseyo!

I went to the information center first to ask where the ticket booth and bus was going to Myeongdong. Then I went out on gate 11, the ticket booth is located on your left side and to your right are the bus stops. When you buy the ticket, just say Myeongdong and prepare your KRW10,000 for the fare. My officemate sells her extra won so I have KRW30,000 on hand, enough for my bus fare and dinner for tonight. I plan to exchange my money in Myeongdong the next day.

Bus departs every 20 to 35 minutes, check your ticket it should be Bus 6015. The driver will stick a stub on your luggage before he place it in the compartment, be sure to keep the other half just in case he look for it when you get your luggage back.

Travelling time is almost an hour, but it still depends on the traffic. I think Myeongdong is the last stop. When I get off the bus I got confused coz I can’t find Sejong Hotel. They used to stop near the hotel before, but after a while I realized that they moved it near the shopping center. Tip 1, don’t hesitate to ask. Koreans are very friendly, even if you can’t understand a word, you can get it through sign language. I asked the driver where is Sejong Hotel, so I know which way I am heading to. The guesthouse is located at the back of the hotel.

As I walk to the guesthouse, Seoul welcomes me with snow flurries at -2 degrees. Well, this is happiness.

24 Guesthouse Myeongdong Center Seoul
12-4 Chungmuro 2-Ga, Seoul, South Korea
Website: 24 Guesthouse Myeongdong Center
Phone No. +82.2.776.9988
Check-In: 15:00
Check-Out: 11:00

How to get there:
5 mins. walk from Airport Bus Stop (At the back of Sejong Hotel) 

Just look for the hotel logo (yellow sign) to your left, it’s almost near the end of the road. There is a stairs right next to a restaurant, go up to that stairs then there’s an elevator. The lobby is located at the 3F, but you still need to use the stairs going down when you get off. The elevator stops in between each floor so you really have to use the stairs, kaloka lang.

This is my first time staying at 24 Guesthouse, I was looking for a budget hostel that is located in the shopping area of Myeongdong, near the subway exit and airport bus stop. First, I open the google map to check for hostels nearby. Then from my list, will go to their websites to check on the room rates, facilities and room types. Of course I’ll go for the cheapest rate, your safety is also important so it's a must to check first with Tripadvisor the reviews before I book. 

24 Guesthouse has a lot of branches and they have two here in Myeongdong. The other one is 24 Guesthouse Myeongdong. The one I’m staying is the Myeongdong Center. You can book through their website. Well, I separately booked my first 2 nights in a 4-Bed Female Dormitory Room (Bunk Bed), the costs is KRW60,000. And for my last 2 nights with Jas, our total charged is PHP4,530.96 twin room (bunk bed) booking via Agoda.

The room is small, exactly the same with the photo from their website. The good thing is we were only two sharing the room. I can’t imagine if we were four, where will they put their luggage’s if you have a roommate having all these stuffs. She is still out when I get there and went back super late, so it feels like I’m the only one using the room. She is from China and she has a business where she sells all these items.

I reached the guesthouse past 10 already, so most shops and restaurants were already closed. I stroll around and look for a place where to eat. I only have one inner layer and this jacket, so I feel really cold brrrr.

I end up eating here, gosh I so miss their street food. She asks me if I’m going to eat there, I said yes, so she shows me the small chair at the back and the heater served as my table. I even ask her to take my photo while eating hehe. Good service unnie, kamsamnida!

 I love their Odeng or fish cakes, I also tried another one which I didn’t know the name hehe it tastes like meatballs. This also comes with a soup and it's so good for this kind of weather. Well, tonight's dinner cost me KRW3,000 only and I enjoyed it!

And now for dessert and midnight snack hehe. This is happiness hehe! 

So for tomorrow’s itinerary, I’ll do Café hopping weee I'm already excited aside from me going SEOULo! Annyeong!

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