Saturday, December 5, 2015

바나나 트리 Banana Tree, Itaewon

Seoul, Yongsan-gu, Hannam-dong 739-5 
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00
Website: (Korean Only)

After having lunch at Miss Lee Café in Myeongdong, now it’s time for some coffee and dessert. Now heading to Itaewon, if there’s a café I don’t want to miss is this one. I am so excited for their cute desserts in a pot and a drink with cotton candy on top.

I am now a fan, love at first sight haha! Isn’t it too cute to eat?

How to get there:

Subway Hangangjin Station (Line 6) - Exit 1
Walk straight from the exit (south) for 300m, Banana Tree is on your right.

I feel so happy coz I didn’t had a hard time looking for this café.

I chose to go here coz I think, this is much easier to locate, compare to the other branch in Sinsa.

It’s just a small café with cute concepts. Wooden furniture’s, banana’s everywhere, yellow paints, vintage phone.... just a comfy café.

When I go to the counter to order, I just found out that there are more rooms at the back.

Semi private for lovers haha, assuming lang po!

And this phone works? how cool!

So what did I order? What else, of course their famous flower paap. They have two flavors, Banana and Espresso. I ask which one is the best seller and they told me it’s the banana then will go with banana. By the way the plastic flowers on top and the stones were not edible. And this spoon, a tiny shovel looking is very well-matched to this tiny flower pot. Whoever thinks of this idea is brilliant, very creative and unique. It looks very inviting and gives a happy feeling to customers. Flower paap cost is KRW6,300.

For my drink, I tried their other best seller which is Som Som latte. And since the weather is cold, I prefer the hot and original flavor. Even hot drinks have cotton candy on top, sooo cute. I feel so happy just looking at them in front of me. Not really excited to eat, I just want to take photos every angle of it haha. Star struck coz I only saw them on the internet, now I finally see them live hehe and this cost me another KRW6,300.

Surprisingly the banana cake or pie is so good, very addictive. It doesn’t only look good, but it really tastes good, promise hehe. For the drink, just ordinary for me, maybe I’ll try their cold drinks next time.

Will I come back? Yes, definitely, I love banana and I love their flower paap. I’ll bring my friends here next time, oh yeah, they also have bingsu!

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