Sunday, September 6, 2015

[Day2] Modern Toilet Restaurant

Address: 108 Taiwan, Taipei City, Wanhua District, Lane 50, Xining S Rd
Telephone No. +886.2.2311.8822
Opening Hours: 11:30 AM – 09:00 P

If you want fun and weird dining experience, try one of Taiwan’s most popular themed restaurants the Modern Toilet. This unique restaurant is located in the hip shopping district of Ximending. Bring your family and friends for sure they will enjoy dining in a toilet, for me the food is just average, but let see who can take it and finish the food.

How to get there:

MRT Ximen Station - Exit 6

It’s my 3rd time here, the first time was in HongKong last 2009. And then I tried it again for the second time in Taiwan of the same year. We only ordered for desserts as I didn’t enjoy the food in Hong Kong. And it was like five years ago, the interiors are more classy and modern now. The family enjoyed their photo shoot at this corner of the restaurant located at the entrance gate. 

“Sosyal ang toilet bowls ginto, yayamanin.” Isip na ng pose, walang gayahan!

Are you hungry? Sorry but this ewww will welcome you at the entrance har har.

This way to the toilet, I mean the dining section. Located at the 2nd and 3rd floor but the last floor was still closed so I didn't get a chance to check it. 

 It’s not as bad as you think, isn’t cute and cool? I love their interiors now, before the tables were bathtubs, but now they changed it to a sink with a poop hehe. The chairs are still the same though, toilet bowls with a cute cover decor.

We were one of the first customers who opened the restaurant.

I like this table here, don’t forget to flush J

Don’t forget to wash your hand before and after you eat ok, yes this is the washing area. Parang kadirs lang hehe.


Their poop menu, the price is a bit pricey, ranging from NT200 - NT300. You’re paying for the experience and the food. 

At least I got a good feedback from my family; they enjoy the food though they look hesitant at first hehe.

And for dessert, though it looks disgusting as what AJ says this ice cream is yummy. The boy didn’t dare to eat this haha mas atapang atao ako sa’yo.

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