Saturday, April 18, 2015

[Day2] Springtime in Tokyo: Blissful moments at Urawa!

April is considered one of the best time to visit Japan, aside from its cool weather people come to see the cherry blossoms. Every year, it is hard to predict the blooming dates coz it differs depending on the weather. But normally it takes around late March to April and it only last for 1 to two weeks. 

Parkview in Minamiurawa

Since we only have limited time, I checked on the list of Tokyo’s most popular spots. And here are the list of top viewing spots in Central Tokyo.
  • Shinjuku Gyoen
  • Ueno Park
  • Chidorigafuchi
  • Sumida Park
  • Yoyogi Park 
Photo credits to (Ueno Park)

During this season, these famous spots will surely be packed with tourists and locals. Though it would be hard to take your selfies, you can still find another location coz it's everywhere and you will have your moment hehe. Like in our neighbourhood, a few blocks away this park pleased us; we not need to go to above places, ok na kami dito.

We can see you!

Beautiful line of cherry trees.

Blooming sakura.

Just in time for its bloom, happiness!

We play, as if ang dami naming oras. #wacare

Syempre hindi mawawala, pictorial galore. #pagbigyan
On the other side, one of my many solo picture. 

We had the best time enjoying the view, playing and doing pictorials. We love it here; great spot for our endless selfies and groupies, no photobombers, extras, no waiting time as if we own the park. 

sorry, we're not alone pala.

And this is the best part, experience it for the first time... the falling of cherry petals.

Here's a very short clip of falling sakuras, blissful!

From where I stand.

Can’t help but smile every time I see these young students in the streets of Japan. My camera love to capture them coz they look so adorable with their uniforms. I’ve seen a lot in Osaka because I also stayed in a community like this in Urawa but I barely see an adult accompanying them. This is how they train them while they were young. From what I observed, they walk so orderly and quietly. That’s how discipline Japanese are.

Beautiful manhole cover in the street of Japan.

Did it also capture your eyes every time you seen one? They are very artistic, even these manhole covers are impressive. I’ve seen variety of designs, depending in every city. Check it the next time you visit the country. 

Urawa is a city situated in Saitama, still part of Greater Tokyo located about 20 kilometers north of central Tokyo. The nearest train station is Minami-Urawa, about 30min. via the JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line Local to Ueno Station.  Parkview is about 5-10 mins walk from the station, there's a 711 at the corner before you turn left.


 not sure if this is another kind of sakura.

Caption this!

Minami-Urawa Station

The day just started, pero kota na kami sa pictures hehe.

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