Monday, May 4, 2015

[Day 4] Springtime in Tokyo: Disneyland and Disney Sea

Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea
1-1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture 279-0031, Japan
+81 45-330-5211

Welcome to the happiest place on earth! Not only for kids but also for those kids at heart.

Since we only have a very short stay, we divided our last day to see more of Tokyo and then Disney in the afternoon. We got the Starlight passport that starts at 3 o’clock; usually this is only available during weekends. We spent the morning with Mars sisters and then Ueno Park after.

Time travel from Ueno Station to Disney Resort gate is more than 30 mins. It's very gloomy and started to drizzle when we arrived.

Oh, before I forgot, yeah from the happiest place we are celebrating and remembering the resurrection of Jesus. Happy Easter!

How to get here:

5 Minutes walk from JR Maihama Station to Disney Resort gateway. Then take the Disney Resort Line to your destination.

Park Ticket Price List:
¥ 6,900 - 1 Day Passport
¥ 5,400 - Starlight Passport (Weekends only)

Check the Park Operation Calendar here, for the schedules and operating hours.

For ticket price, online purchase and reservation go here.

I recommend buying your tickets online, no need to queue and you can go straight to the park.

Disney train ride..

Before we purchased the tickets, we agreed to go on separate ways. Since Jas and I have been to Disney Sea, we prefer to visit Disneyland this time. For first timers, we recommend to see Disney Sea first. This park is unique only to Japan.

This beautiful Disneyland Hotel across the park catches our attention when we got out from the train. It‘s really pretty, we took a few photos at the entrance gate, but didn’t get a chance to go inside.

The Park entrance gate.

We were not given maps at the gate, so I am not sure if it’s available or you just have to download it. Check here.

I love this feeling, so happy to finally be here. It's a dream come true!

An obligatory solo shot, are you happy Tita Jas?

Here we come!

Easter egg hunt.

Look at the crowd.

Let it go, let it go! napakanta tuloy ako

Oops, we almost miss this. It usually starts at 4PM but we were busy taking photos and didn’t realize that there’s a parade

You are so lovely Marie.

Fairytale dreams.


These girls who approached us to take their photo are one of the teen groups who wore similar clothes. It’s like they have different theme costumes. The crowd were mostly teens and they all look very colorful and so cute. They’ve become one of the Park attractions, actually.

The rain started to pour so we had an early dinner. This themed restaurant “Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall” is very eye catching. It’s exterior and interiors is very enchanting.

My hearty meat patty meal, it comes with rice and a soup for less than Yen 1,500.

Rotisserie Chicken with garlic seasoning for Jas.

Before the sun sets and the rain starts, we already roam around the entire park to take photos. Now it’s time to have more fun and enjoy the rides. So even if it rains, not a problem ‘coz there are indoor rides and shows. You can also do shopping, while waiting for the rain to stop.

We were supposed to have dinner here but upon checking their online reservation, our scheduled date is already full. I’m a little bit late, but there’s always next time.

So many reasons we need to go back. Because of the bad weather, fireworks were cancelled. Really felt sad because I love fireworks, for me it’s one of the highlights here.

On our way out, there are people gathered in front of the castle, looks like waiting for something. Jas and I are still hoping for fireworks so we ask one of the staff, and we were told that there will be a light show instead. Not really a fan but since we are curious, we also patiently wait for it.

 and the light show starts...

It was spectacular, I love it. Not the usual light show I’ve seen before. I almost got teary eyed; it brings back my childhood day’s. Hearing songs and seeing my favorite Disney movies then and now. It surpasses my expectation and felt very happy, indeed the happiest place on earth.

Magical moment.

And that ends are Disneyland adventures.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the resort these 3 ladies also enjoyed their Disney Sea experience. Sharing some of their photos.

Indeed the happiest place on earth. 

This sums up our 4 day visit to Japan. Bitin as usual, it was short but super fun vacay. We had and early flight the next day. Thank you to Centeno sisters for their hospitality and to Chihiro for sharing her home. We hope to be back soon…. Arigatou goizaimasu Japan!

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