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[Day2] Springtime in Tokyo: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is popular to tourists because of its free observation decks. Located in Shinjuku skyscraper district, and one of the tallest building in Tokyo.

Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building 1

The building has 3 complex, and Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building no. 1 is the tallest and the most prominent of the three. This is where the observatories and cafeteria are located.

How to get there:

Tochomae Station (Toei Subway Oedo Line) is the nearest since it is located at the basement 1 of the building. Other option is JR Shinjuku Station, one station away from Tochomae and can easily access the building in a 15 min. walk on the west exit.

From Google Map

From Minami-Urawa Station to Tochomae Station, route including fares via Hyperdia.com.

Admission Fee:


Opening Hours:

North Observatory:

Opening Hours    :  9:30 to 23:00
Closed                   :  2nd and 4th Monday of each month (next day if national holiday)

South Observatory:

Opening Hours    :  9:30 to 17:30 (until 23:00 when North Observatory is closed)
Closed                   :  1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month (the next day if national holiday)

Both observatories are closed on December 29 to January 3 except on January 1. Click here to check on the country’s national holiday.

These two catches my eye at the lobby.

Aside from the free observatories, the employee cafeteria at the 32F of the North tower was also included in our itinerary, lunch with a view daw. It’s for government workers but they are open to public as well. Good food, nice view and most important, it’s cheap.

Lunch with a view at the 32F North Tower.

We reached TMG past 11 in the morning. I suggest having our lunch first before going to the observatory to avoid the employee’s lunch break.

At the 32F, turn right from the elevator. The cafeteria is located on the left side. Then these selection of food will greet you at the entrance.

Remember to get the no. of your chosen food. You don’t have to worry as there are English descriptions from the menu. You can also ask the cafeteria staff for help, especially when using the vending machines.

Pay your order using these vending machines. Insert the money, click on the button no. then wait for the ticket. Proceed to the counter, give the ticket to the staff, and then wait for your food.

These lines are from two different times, showing how can it be crowded during lunch break. So for tourists, it is recommend going before 12 or past 1PM to avoid queues and rushing employees.

It is also hard to get a good seat with a view during break time.

Salad and drinks section, they served water and tea.

We enjoyed our lunch, great food and cheap. It was different and nice experience though.

Our view from the 32F.

Gloomy weather

North Observatory

To access the observatories, take the Observatory elevators at 1st floor of Main Building 1.  We chose to go the North Tower, no other reasons hehe...

Not a good day to see a great view, it's gloomy outside :-( 

Observation decks provide a panoramic view of Tokyo. And during clear weather famous landmarks such as Mt. Fuji, the Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, Meiji Shrine and the Tokyo Dome can be seen.

The South Observatory

Tourists on the other side.

On this side, No. 7 Mt. Fuji can be seen on a favourable weather.

Those cherry blossom trees!

Skyscraper district.

Souvenir Shop

That’s it, good thing it’s free so there is no problem to go back. This may be better to queues and cost of Skytree and Tokyo Tower.

But before leaving, we went out of the building to check the exact location of Washington Hotel. Since we have an early call time for the next day tour, it wouldn’t be hard for us to locate it.

Having fun at the park.

It is said that the hotel is near TMG, but since we are not familiar with the place it is still better to ask which way so as not to waste our time and energy.

We have no idea that the white building ahead was the hotel :-)

Isn’t it lovely?

We keep on walking until we see this park field with cherry trees again. Of course we have to stop by and the next is history hehe… alam niyo na, ubos oras ulit!

Cherry Blossom petals

 ok, playing time ....again.

We call them all “cherry trees” regardless of the variety.

Tokyo Tourist Information Center at TMG Building

After checking the hotel's location, we go back to TMG and saw the Tourist Information Center at the 1st floor. We asked for this ID/Pass card to get the free wifi offered to tourists for 14days.

Here’s how to connect and register, just go to Japan Free Wifi

A 40 minute free guided tour was also offered to foreign tourist at TMG, please inquire at the Tour Registration Desk.

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