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Happy Faces and Happy Tummy @ Denlim's Kitchen

Denlim’s Kitchen
October 04, 2014
Maharlika St., San Fernando, Pampanga
Mobile No. 0917.5282520 / 0917.8808552
Facebook Page:
My Rating *****

And the group continues to discover the best eateries not only in the Metro. Last year we went to Bale Dutung in Pampanga and this time another Kapampangan delicacy, the famous Denlim’s Kitchen located in San Fernando. 

Happy faces of a satisfied customers.

We were excited for this road and food trip experience. So we leave Manila before lunch time, and then visited some of Pampanga’s best pasalubong stores before we proceed to our 6PM dinner appointment.

Here's the very helpful map from Denlim's Kitchen.  I didn't find it hard 'coz in the map it's just right after the bridge, though confusing to some since they have no sign. But if you find the "L.A. Bakeshop" billboard, then you're on the right place. They have parking space inside and out. 

We were greeted by the Chef and the staff when we arrived.  It's like a friend inviting you to have dinner in their house 'coz we were the only guests.  We can freely roam around, take pictures as long as we want, laugh and talk as loud as we can. I just love this private dining experience.

I find this restaurant very cool and unique.  It looks kind of mess with the writings everywhere... 

... but actually everything is in order. Well, I made my own signature after, of course.

This long table is just enough to fit us all 22 hungry fellas. They all look excited and ready, just waiting for the food to be served.

Chef DenLim preparing our food, and served it one by one.  Let's start with the appetizer.

Bread Spread and Mussels in White Wine. This is one of my favorite, I don't like mussels by I ate 5 I guess. Oh my takaw lang, it's really good. I actually want more nahiya na lang ako hehe...    

Oriental Salad. This one is also good, i love the dressing.

Shrimp Elena. My top favorite, sorry I love shrimp! Super yummy, best to eat with rice. Wonder why this is special? because this was named after his wife, it was made with love.

Pasta Negra. Squid lovers in the group chose this as their favorite.

Classic Chicken Roast. This one is very tasty and juicy.

bago ang lahat, selfie muna with every menu bago ang solo pictorial nito.

Classic Beef n Gravy. I love the texture of the beef and the corn is also a plus for me.

Photo op with the superstar hehe...

Pugon Liempo Wrap. Save the best for last daw hehe, this one is also good sad to say that I only had one since I am already full. The way you eat it, is like eating samgyupsal (Korean delicacy). Get a lettuce, spread the buro, add the liempo, fold it then eat. You can also add ampalaya and tomato if you want. The meat is very tasty and crunchy, actually dun pa lang solve na ako as I don't eat buro, ampalaya and tomato hehe.

Desserts. I make sure to have some space for these Kapampangan sweets. Denlim's Kitchen don't serve desserts, so you can bring your own without corkage. Visited some famous pasalubong stores to get all these. Went to Carreon's for their Plantanilla and add a small box of Sanzrival. Nathaniel's for their Buko Pandan and another Sanzrival at Ocampo Lansang.

Burp! super busog, I super enjoy the food and love the experience. The price and the 2 hour drive is all worth it. I strongly recommend Denlim's Kitchen, one of the best resto I've been to. You're the man Chef Denlim! napapalakpak kami sa sarap!

Happy faces... happy tummy! Thank you Chef!
(grab photo from Angie and Stef)

Wanna try it? Contact him now! I am not paid for this hahaha... he is already popular. Lian made our reservation 5 months ago, and they only accept one group per day (dinner only).  A minimum of 12 and maximum of 22 pax, dinner cost is PHP 1,000. As of this writing, i guess open dates available either end of April or May of next year. So goodluck! hehe... Happy eating!

We finished before 10PM, thanks also to all the staff for being nice and helpful.

Sa uulitin, babalik kami!

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