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USA Trip: Second Time Around

2014 June, USA Trip
Los Angeles, California

It was winter, when I first came to the US year of 2011. Last year, the same friend invited me again to witness and celebrate a special occasions with them. Glad it was a year notice so I still have time to make make ipon, wait for promotional fares and make paalaman sa office.

February of this year, I was so lucky to get a super promo fare for USD700. It was a roundtip non-stop flight via Philippine Airlines from Manila - Los Angeles - Manila. The sad part is, I am only allowed to a 1 (23kg/50lbs) checked baggage allowance and 1 (7Kg/15lbs) carry on.  Additional 50lbs or 23kg baggage cost USD50. But still winner pa din sa fare, thanks to Jas and Kate for forcing me to go with them at the Travel Expo, I owe them some pasalubong

By the way last May, PAL released a memo stating all tickets acquired starting June 1 of this year are allowed of a 2 checked baggage whether it's a promo or not.

We leave at exactly 11 in the morning, Manila time via PAL flight 113.  Glad I booked PAL, better airport terminal and fewer crowds, the only problem is the poor air conditioning at the airport.  

What excites me on a long haul flights? ... the food. We have 3 meals on this flight lunch, snack and breakfast. 

It was a loooooooonnngggg flight, nakakainip. Good thing I was able to sleep for a few minutes or an hour maybe? Yey! basta nakatulog, for the first time. I actually need to sleep 'coz I will be arriving early in LA, need some energy and I don't wanna waste time larga agad on the first day.

 Pacific sunrise.

Hello America, I'm back! 

After 14 hours flight, we arrived in LA past 8 in the morning on the same day. Passed by the immigration without any problem, then at the custom, they were asking if we have Chicharon. Buti na lang wala akong dala, I didn't know na bawal na pala.

My friend fetch me at the airport, she welcomed me at first, then ask if I am sleepy or having a jet lag. Actually, even on my first long-haul trip, was surprised I didn't suffer from it. So right from the airport, we headed to the Pacific Coast highway as planned. 

I changed to slippers for a more comfortable beach hopping.

We came first to Santa Monica and had our lunch here. I revisit the place because it was already dark the first time I went here.

We stopped by Montebello for a while to drop my baggages to another friend.  I'll be staying with them on my second night before going to San Francisco the next day.

Then we went to the main attraction hahaha, ang dapat mapuntahan kahit wala na yung iba. No other reason, shooting location of the K-Drama series "The Heirs". #fangirlmode

And the last stop, Laguna Beach. I don't know the name of the resort but it was very nice, a good place to relax and unwind.

On the way to Irvine, I didn't realize it was already 7. According to her they experience longer days during summer, well same in the Philippines but sunsets here usually is at 8:30 to 9 PM hmmmm I like hehe.

Urban Plates is one of my fave restaurants during my stay.  Good food, nice ambience and the price are very affordable. They have only two branches and the other one is located in San Diego.

I spent my first night in Irvine, a suburban city found in Orange County.  I like the environment here, more organize, more trees and as what my friends told me this is the place na "feels and looks America". 

My friend is staying in an apartment at Woodbridge Pines, ganda! kaya lang parang bawal ang maingay hehehe. I super like the community, very neat and clean feeling Baguio dahil sa mga pine trees.

Since I will be travelling to San Diego the next day, I decided to stay overnight in Irvine which is closer compare to LA. The house is only 15 minutes away from the nearest Amtrak (Irvine) Station.

Thank you Aleli, I know it was very short but I really had fun. I like your pad ha, how I wish i stay longer. Thank you for driving me to these (requested) places and being my photographer (sorry), i love all my solo shots! Thank you LA and Irvine, will surely visit you again.

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