Thursday, August 21, 2014

Laguna Beach

2014 June, USA Trip
Orange County, California

 Laguna Beach is a seaside resort city located in southern Orange County, California, United States, approximately 19 miles (31 km) southeast of the county seat of Santa Ana. Laguna Beach is known for its mild year-round climate, scenic beaches and coves, and artist community. Source: Wikipedia

Santa Monica Pier, Huntington Beach and now off to our last stop for the day.... Laguna Beach.

 I got a chance to take a nap on the way to Laguna Beach from Huntington were it took us almost an hour to get there. Though it's a shame to miss the scenic view passing the Pacific Coast Highway, we're already halfway when I woke up.

 Aleli brought me to this resort; she discovers it to a friend also. Not as crowded like other resorts that's why she likes going back and brings her visitors here.

Actually until now, I still don't know the name of this resort hehe but I super like the place, it's beautiful.

Here I go again hehe, I love trees, plants, flowers ang ganda di ba? #weirdme 

Secret no more?

While roaming around the resort, I can say "pangmayaman", looks very expensive yung tipong pang Hollywood stars lang hehe. But I'm glad they are not strict, because you can explore the resort without any fee or something.

 People living here are so lucky to have a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean.

 Go out, and enjoy the beach! See, not as crowded as any other beach along the highway.

 Stunning, look even better in person.

And one thing I like here, they have benches fronting the ocean. You can just sit and read a book, chat with your friend, watch the sunset and kahit tumunganga ka lang maghapon at magdamag... hay, that's life.

Very relaxing.

This steep ally going down to the beach scares me, slippery, so it's better to take off your shoes or flip flops.

 These coves make Laguna Beach different from Huntington and Santa Monica.

This completes my first day in the US. No jet lag, enjoyed the places I've been to and super grateful to Aleli for being such a great host, photographer and tour guide. Ikaw na! Salamat ng marami.


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