Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Huntington Beach

2014 June, USA Trip
Orange County, California

One of the best beaches in West Coast is located in Southern California.  They are also known as the largest beach in Orange County in terms of population. Aside from the beautiful wide beaches, visitors and residents can enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities such as surfing, volleyball, sailing and fishing.

Huntington Beach is popular with surfers, and it remains the most popular activities here thus the nickname "Surf City". 

Official Website:

From Santa Monica Beach, we made a quick stop to Montebello to drop my luggages to my friend's place then we went to Huntington Beach.

It was nice to see these palm trees line along the highway, California feel. 

Huntington is more crowded compared to Santa Monica.

This is it! Fangirling mode ON.

Beach, beach, beach! What a feeling! Excited about what?

Remember this place? Looks familiar or have you seen this somewhere? If you love Korean series, I am sure you would know. 


Screencap from the series "The Heirs", credits to SBS.

Okay, I admit, I am a big fan of Lee Min Ho.  And one of the reasons I am excited about this trip, was to visit the shooting locations of this series.  Of course I made a research first and some fangirl friends helped me make this possible. It's just sad that I only have one day in LA, wasn't able to visit Hollywood Boulevard, where some of the scenes were also shot.

Happiness! Satisfied! Success!

Reminiscing scenes from episode 1 here. 

Okay, enough of the series.  Enjoy the beauty of Huntington. 

From what I see, Americans love summer and enjoying the beach this much. I feel cold and they're not for an obvious reason. 

My camera loves this spot. 

and I love this, how sweet!

This is Duke's, an American restaurant used in the series. Try sana namin kahit drinks lang, but we're running out of time and still full from our brunch in Santa Monica.

Snapshots from the boardwalk. The beach is really wide, enough to occupy a lot of visitors and held many events all year round.

 US beaches is not equally beautiful like in the Philippines but I am impressed with its cleanliness, amenities and its own beauty.

Anglers and a restaurant at the end of the pier.


To cap off this, a bonus quote to ponder about life. Photo taken by Aleli and me as a model, not sexy back but drama back *charing.

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