Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hanayo Grill

Tomas Morato corner Scout Lozano St., Quezon City
Reservation: 02.962.8282 / 0977.123.3013
Korean: 0916.369.3433

Open : Monday - Sunday

Lunch Buffet : 11AM - 2PM
P295 only (Without Grill)
P580 With Grill

Dinner Buffet : 6PM - 10PM
P630 With Grill

 Every time I go out with this group, they always prefer to eat Korean food. Of course, it's my duty to look and find where to eat. We've always been going to Don Don Day, but this time we want to eat somewhere else, somewhere new. We went to Yawori first, along Mo. Ignacia but they were closed. Then I told them to pass along Tomas Morato, I'm thinking of Grill Bistro The Gu-i and Hanayo Grill, another Korean restos we haven't been. Though I heard that The Gu-i is quite expensive, so we ended to Hanayo, it's also pricey but buffet naman so keri. I want to eat here for a long time na but di kaya ng budget, thanks to Tita Corinna for sharing her blessings hehe.

If you are coming from Edsa Timog, turn left to Tomas Morato then left again to Scout Lozano. Hanayo is on the right. They don't have a parking space, I guess only 2 or 3 cars can park in front which is just along the street. Not sure if there are more parking around the area, baka nakikipark na lang din sila dun sa building beside them.

"Annyeong Haseyo" as the owners (Koreans) and staff greeted us with a smile. Only 1 table was occupied when we arrived, but according to the staff, they were full usually at night. The restaurant has 2 floors; I guess they only have 7 or 8 tables (4pax) in the first floor. Not sure how big is the 2nd floor, but they can set-up a buffet table there whenever they're full so it's not hassle for the customers to go down and get food.

 I like the griller (tama ba?), the most hi-tech one I've seen so far from any Korean restos here in the Metro. Automatically turns on and off, maybe para di ma-burn agad yung meat, but if you're in a hurry or super hungry you can adjust it naman. I also noticed, hindi siya mausok so hindi ka masyadong amoy ulam.

You can get each from these soups, including the Bibimbap.

Kimbap and wait Sushi and Sashimi? Ok.

Main course here.

Side dishes, I like fish cake and my favorite tea egg.

More choices here, 2 types of Pajeon, Tempura and Fried Chicken.

I am happy because they have beef stew.

Fruits section, they only have pineapple and yellow watermelon.

Choose! Not only the usual Samgyeopsal but they have different choices like beef, ribs, chicken and squid eto yung panalo!

Small plates para sure na mauubos mo hehe.

Unlimited Ice Cream! weeeeee!!! 

Here is the map, just in case.

Compare to other Korean buffet restaurants, Hanayo Grill is a bit pricey. But the catch here, these includes different choices of meat not just samgyupsal plus Ice Cream so pwede na. Foods are ok, friendly owner and staff, feel like hotel sounds, not K-Pop, so pwede makipag-date dito not sure if tahimik pa din sa gabi. Will definitely recommend Hanayo to fellow Korean (lovers) food addicts.

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