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Lake Tahoe: Sand Harbor

June 2014, USA Trip

Sand Harbor features a large sandy beach on Lake Tahoe’s eastern shore. It is also the location of the outdoor Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. Bouldering, picnicking, the Sand Point nature trail, a boat launch and the Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park visitor center are all located here. Source: Wikipedia

Screencap from Google Map

From the northern part of Lake Tahoe, we continue our journey heading east towards Sand Harbor located three miles south of Incline Village. Driving along the shore and a much better view. 

Can you see those trees? Oh I love it and I am mesmerized; I guess they were pine trees. I would love to see them during winter. 

 Overlooking view of the lake.

This! ang ganda di ba? teka snow pa kaya yun?

During summer, the months of July and August were peak periods.  Aside from the beach season it is also the site of the annual Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. There are performances every night of the week during the festival season. And parking is mainly a problem of the visitors aside from the big crowds. 

Since we came on a chilly and windy weather, it was like a ghost town when we get there. They will charge you for the parking, but the beach is free of use. Parking fee for Nevada residents is $10, while $12 for non-residents.

  They have nice walkway.

Looking from here, I agree Sand Harbor is beautiful.

 Wait, i'll take my selfie first ;-) 

 eto pa o, promise mas maganda in person ay tama ba word ko hehe...

According to reviews, Sand Harbor is one of the best beach in Lake Tahoe.  It has 55 acres of long sandy beaches, surrounded by beautiful mountains, huge boulders and clear water.

There is a visitor information center, which offers a number of family-friendly activities.  They have gift shops, informative displays and a snack bar. Sand Harbor Rental is also available where you can rent for kayaks, paddleboards and personal sail boats. They also have guided kayak tours and paddleboard lessons. Here is their website: 

We visit Lake Tahoe to witness its beauty, but we will experience the fun here next time. My feet is again happy and would love to come back. Shalalala!

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