Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lake Tahoe: Kings Beach

June 2014, USA Trip

Kings Beach was named after card shark Joe King, who won the town site from George Whittell nearly a century before poker had a cult cable-TV following.  Set against a vibrant blend of colors, flavors and textures, Kings Beach is kick back. In fact, this stretch of North Lake Tahoe wrote the book on mellow kick back.

 It is rightfully known as the north shore’s banana belt, as it stands in the sun’s path from early morning into the p.m. As if basking under the sun’s glow were not enough, this mountain/beach town throws a sandy welcome to all with a signature downtown public beach.


Screencap from Google Map

I really love road trips here in the US, an hour trip from Sparks all the way to Tahoe would make your head spin from these picturesque views along the way. I find it really breathtaking; pictures didn’t do justice from its real beauty.

Alone in the mountain, can you live here?

We plan to visit the Sand Harbor here in Lake Tahoe and along the shore, we saw this area and thought that it was the Park.  Paid USD10 for the parking then we started to stroll around. 

It is summer but the weather is chilly and windy.  I wonder how cold it was during winter, where Tahoe was more popular and touristy.  

We then later found out that this is the Kings Beach, a public beach maintained by California State Parks located in North Lake Tahoe. There are no charges to use any of the beaches only parking fees apply.

Is this a normal sky in the US? I always see this jet plane white smoke trails wherever I go, sorry naman lagi kasi not a normal sight in Pinas hehe.

If you want to stay longer, lodging is not a problem here.  There are plenty of shops and restaurants across the street so plan your trip now.

Picture perfect, the background looks like a painting.

These people are still enjoying the beach amidst the wintry weather. Look at the mountain, am I seeing a snow? Well, aside from jet ski, kayak and long boards  parasailing is also a popular activity here.

So packed your bags now and take your family here on a weekend, prepare a picnic lunch and enjoy the beach, the view and the weather. Thankful for this family for bringing me here, enjoyed my time and place. I hope to visit again and see Lake Tahoe covered with snow.

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