Saturday, November 17, 2012

BENCHsetter Fun Meet: Lee Min Ho

November 16, 2012
Smart Araneta Coliseum
Quezon City, Philippines

Lee Min Ho played as Gu Jun Pyo, the leader of a group of students known as F4 in the hit TV series "Boys over Flowers".  He pretends to be gay in the romantic comedy "Personal Taste" where "Sanggojae" becomes popular to tourists.  We called him as Johnny in the action drama "City Hunter" and soon another series will hit our local TV screen, the much awaited 2012 fantasy drama "Faith" or "The Great Doctor".

Now he is the new endorser of BENCH.  That's why we are so grateful for bringing my fave Hallyu star at the moment :-), a chance to see him up-close.  

Oh My G!!! Why are you so god damn looking?

Are you ready Araneta??? Look at the crowd, Wow! It shows that LMH is a very big hit here in the Philippines.  We had a hard time getting our invites because most of the time  LB and Patron side were already sold out, so i remember we had a mall tour just for this.  And it did not end there 'coz on the day of the event, there were people in-line as early as 4 in the morning but my friend came around 6 am.

We were seated at the Lower Box, so I'am not really that close to him.  As much as i want to be at the Patron side, afraid ako... I expect this to happen :-( 

Crowd getting gaga, while showing his pictorials.

this is it!!!....3.2.1....

It started with K-Pop hits (Nobody, Sorry Sorry and the phenomenal hit Gangnam Style) performed by local artists.

"Screammmm eeeeeee" grabe i love the crowd, nabingi lang talaga si LMH hehe...

Now D R O O O L L L......

ssshhhh.... ingay niyo daw hehe...


wagas makatawa

Questions via Twitter.

LMH look alike.

staring contest... argghh lucky girl!

ay kamusta naman teh?

We enjoyed and really had fun, actually i didn't expect it will turn out like this.  Good thing is LMH is very charming, game and very accommodating which made me like him more.  

It also became a venue of Fangirl's reunion, saw a lot of familiar faces mostly from my F4 friends :-)

Again thanks to BENCH and LMH hope you also had a great time, we wish to see you back!

more photos uploaded here... BENCHsetter Fun Meet: Lee Min Ho

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