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THAILAND: Ayutthaya - Wat Na Phra Men

2011 Holy Week SEA Trip

The "Monastery in front of the Funeral Pyre" sometimes called "Wat Na Phra Meru" is our 4th stop around Ayutthaya.  Was built in 1503 and registered as a National Historic site with the Fine Arts Department on 25 February 1935.  The only temple survived, when Ayutthaya  was collapsed for the second time.  Remains in perfect condition and used as the Burmese headquarters.

But before we reached our fourth stop, you will passed by to these ancient ruins a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is Ayutthaya.

Then finally, the Wat Na Phra Men.

Ubosot or Ordination Hall

 Shoes / slippers should be left outside.

 A collection of small Golden Buddhas located near the entrance. 

A Buddhist Monk recites prayers for this Thai couple. 

 Two important Buddha inside Ubosot that are covered with Gold. 

 It's not clear to me that you need to offered money here before you make a wish. 

 Phra Buddha Nimit is the most important Buddha image in the ordination hall.  The crowned Buddha sits in the Subduing Mara posture and measures 6m high and 4.50m in width across the lap.  It was cast with metal and covered with gold leaf.  Dressed in regal attire, the most beautiful and largest crowned Buddha image that was left following the war with Burma in 1767. 

 The interior walls were covered with a painting of 80 Buddhist monks with Bhikku (nuns) behind them but was white-washed when the Ubosot was restored.  The columns and coffered ceiling are painted a very dark red with gold decorations.

A wooden carved gable primed with black lacquer and covered with gold leaf.  It is considered as one of the most beautiful pieces of artistic work from Ayutthaya.


A different gable decorations is a masterpiece.

A big nipple gong, the tour guide told us to make a wish first before hitting this for 3 times. 

One of the many Buddhas at the courtyard.


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