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THAILAND: Ayutthaya

2011 Holy Week SEA Trip

Serving as the Thai capital for 417 years (1350 - 1767), Ayutthaya was once glorified as one of the biggest cities in South East Asia.  Visitors can explore and appreciate Thai history in Ayutthaya.  Marvel at the grandeur reflected through numerous magnificent structures and ruins concentrated in and around the city island, and surrounded by Chao Phraya, Pa Sak and Lopburi Rivers.  Right in the very heart of the Ayutthaya city is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ayutthaya Historical Park. 

Ayutthaya trip was not in the plan, it just so happened that there is a travel agency desk at the hotel lobby - the River Sun Cruise Co. who offered this.  Checked their itinerary and shared it to the group then we found out that it was one of the World's Heritage site so we all agreed to go and got their offer.  Ayutthaya Tour and River Sun Cruise with buffet lunch cost THB 1,700... not sure if we got a good deal though.

If you want to booked your trip to River Sun Cruise when you visit Thailand, go to their website and checked out other tour programs offered here.

Picked-up at 7:15 AM then transferred to another hotel where the Coach is waiting together with the other tourists.

Landmark of Ayutthaya City

Bang Pa-In Summer Palace

Is also known as the Summer Palace. Constructed in 1632 during the Ayutthaya era, a palace complex formerly used by the Thai Kings.  One of my favorite spot in Ayutthaya, the palace is beautifully decorated in both traditional Chinese and European style. 

We arrived at Bang Pa-In Palace after an hour and a half.  If you are not in a package tour, entrance fee to the Palace is THB 100.

A dress code is also applies were "Visitors are requested to dress properly and appropriately" which we are not aware of.  Since we are wearing shorts, the staff asked if we have shawls where we can used as skirts or we can just borrow/rent Malongs or skirts with a certain amount like THB 500 but you can get your money back once returned. 

The tour guide gave us 45mins. only to stroll around the palace parang bitin lang, but since we love taking pictures we knew that the given time is not enough so we rented this car for THB 400 for 30mins.

Our journey begins here. 

Most of the tourists were just walking and are more interested to hear it's history.  "Kailangan unahan sila para wala masyado extra sa pictures :-P"

The beautiful lake pavilion and palace buildings.

Aisawan-Thipphaya-At Pavilion

The main residence for the King and Queen.

I wonder how it feels like to leave here... mangarap ka! hehe...

A small residence of the inner palace.

Ho Withun Thatsana, an observatory tower.


Wehat Chamrun, a Chinese-style mansion.

Strike a pose, Thai style :-)

And so we got back earlier from what is scheduled and still had time to visit their gift shop and had some snack.


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