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2011 Holy Week SEA Trip

Asia’s Favourite Playground / Singapore’s Island Resort
(Sentosa’s logo and Slogan)

Sentosa Is a popular island resort in Singapore, visited by some five million people a
year.  Attractions include a 2 km (1.2 mi) long sheltered beach, Fort Siloso, two golf
courses, two five-star hotels, and the Resorts World Sentosa, featuring the theme park
Universal Studios Singapore.

In 1972 contest organised by the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board, the Island was
renamed Sentosa, a Malay word meaning “peace and tranquillity”, from Sanskrit,
Santosha. Source: Wikipedia 

We get up early, check-out and then leave our luggages at the hostel.  It’s our last day in Singapore and before we depart for our 5:30 PM flight to Bangkok we still have time to explore, we headed to Sentosa via MRT.

Take the North-East Line and alight at the Harbour Front MRT Station.  From there, you may either go to the 3rd level of Vivo City shopping mall, transfer onto Sentosa Express or you may take a leisurely stroll down the Sentosa Boardwalk.  Train fares vary.

Who’s on TV?

The Sentosa Pass is available at S$3 per entry at the Sentosa Express station.  You can also enter the island via Sentosa Express using your ez-link card.

We took the Sentosa Express and got off at Imbiah Station.  It’s just a quick stop just to see and have a picture taken with the Merlion.  During our visit, Merlion Park is under renovation so we make it a point to see at least one. 

Rode the express train again and then got off at Beach Station, the last station.  From outside,   there is a tram waiting.  We don’t know exactly where's it going but it turned right and there we saw the Siloso Beach.

Home to the hottest volleyball action along with the coolest bars and restaurant.  Siloso, Singapore’s hippest beach to head to for fun-loving people-day and night.

With the scorching hot weather, you would want to jump off at the beach... very inviting.  Great ambiance, if only we have more time I would love to stay longer here.

The tram goes back to the station and we transferred to another tram going to the left, heading to Palawan Beach. 

With a suspension bridge linking beach-goers to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia (and also Asia’s closest point to the Equator), Palawan Beach, Singapore’s happiest  family beach, boasts interesting shops and eateries that are a favourite with adults and children alike. 


Sentosa Boardwalk

The first garden-themed boardwalk in South East Asia is open 24 hours with S$1 admission fee.  You can now stroll on foot in Sentosa Island from Vivo City Shopping mall via Sentosa boardwalk while enjoying the panoramic view of the bay in the comfort of of canopy-covered travellators.

Here is the link on how to get here:



From Sentosa beaches, we hurried back to the hostel just to get our luggages then
proceeded to the airport at Changi Terminal 1.  We are 3 hours earlier before our 5:30 PM departure to Bangkok via Air Asia. 

My friend Jas noticed that the whole floor in the airport is carpeted.  One thing she likes about Changi. 

And we still have Singapore dollars left ... hmmm thinking of what to buy or  eat. 

Starbucks perhaps… 

The birthday girl! Celebrating her special day in two different countries… IKAW NA! 

Colorful and comfy departure area.  Thank God, flight was not delayed this time.

It’s a very short trip, a small country but there are more things, food and places that needs to explore.  And also, I’ll find time to visit friends living here. 

Hope to see YOUR SINGAPORE again.


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