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MALAYSIA: Genting Highlands

2011 Holy Week SEA Trip

Since we didn't avail the Go Genting Package, which we really regret.  I would still like to share our original plan.  You can purchase the package at 5 terminal bus stations in Kuala Lumpur (Puduraya, KL Sentral, 1 Utama, Terminal Gombak and Hentian Kajang). 

Here is the: Go Genting Website

Well, most of the travellers recommend the Terminal Gombak Station where you can pay a quick visit to Batu Caves first.

Check this site for the package:

So after Batu Caves, we went to another chocolate store before we mount to the highlands.  A number sticker was given to us upon entering and as usual the best part of it was the taste test.  I like their Tiramisu and i think it's better than Beryl’s… but when i checked the price hmmm it didn't passed my budget lol!

On our way up, the cab driver told us to open our windows so we can feel the cool breeze of the highlands.  With these pine trees, zigzag road, cool weather… it really feels like Baguio (Summer Capital of the Philippines).

And then finally, we were dropped off at the Genting Outdoor Theme Park.  Well, it took us only an hour getting here and it feels like a roller-coaster ride.  

It was raining that time and since its an outdoor park we decided not to proceed as we will not enjoy the rides.

For other infos, you can check their site:

We then decided to stroll around the area as we look for Coffee Terrace.  When we get there, hay we felt bad it's really a shame we didn't avail the package :-(

Coffee Terrace is located at Genting Hotel.  We still decided to have our lunch here but they only serve buffet.  If you didn't get the Go Genting Package, it would cost you RM53+++ which is very costly for us budget travelers.  The ambiance looks very inviting and food was great according to some bloggers that's why this is one of the most recommended resto in the country.  Their buffet feature specialties from six kitchens, including Local Favorites, Nyonya, Japanese, Western, Chinese and West Asian hmmm… and take note, buffet lunch is from 12:00 noon to 2:30 pm only.


We passed by to hotels, casinos and restaurants before we arrive at the Indoor Theme Park.  There is no entrance fee, if you wanna play or take a ride there are ticket booths located inside.  And since it's already lunch, it's time to try Malaysia’s based fast-food chain, which is Marrybrown.

Awarded the First Malaysian fast-food franchise.  Established in 1981, with over 250 outlets in Malaysia and reached to almost 10 countries globally were most of the franchises' are in the Middle East.

Indoor Theme Park is more likely for kids.  Food trip, strolling and shopping is what you can do inside.  It is also a place for photo ops, as they feature mini images of a different country’s landmark.   

 with my friends 

Gotcha! I caught this lover kissing on the bridge.

The very colorful Jas and Hotel First World :-P

The Cable Car was the highlight of our Genting highland trip.

Waahh we were too high so it feels a little scary lol!  I got scared here compare to HK’s Ocean Park and Ngong Ping cable car hehe. 

We were at the highland, so we decided to get the bus going back to the lowland.  

We bought our ticket to KL Sentral, for RM4.30.  We plan to saunter around KL Sentral but it was raining so we decided to head back to our hotel instead.


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