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Baguio Holiday Getaway

" The Summer Capital of the Philippines "
27-30 December 2010

FB Shoutout: “Tagaytay yesterday, Nueva Ecija today and Baguio tomorrow”.

So hectic! That’s how simply I described my schedules that time hehe… 
It was Christmas day when I got a text message from my friend Lian asking me to join her in Baguio.  I was hesitant at first 'coz I was in Tagaytay during that time, but since I am in the middle of my forced leave vacation from the office which will last till new year, I've decided to go.

After my Tagaytay, I go straight ahead to Nueva Ecija to visit some relatives then went back to Manila to pack my things for Bagiuo. I was just given 2 hours to get ready then and at exactly 11am, Lian was already at the gate to pick me up (on time ha).

We went to Ateneo first to fetch her priest friend Fr. Vic, who actually invited her to Baguio. And since it's a long drive, they both brought lots of food and drinks.  While Lian is having her Starbucks coffee, Father entertained us with his iPad to keep us all awake.

Lian was the only one who knows how to drive among the three of us, and it's her first time driving to Baguio so we all have to be very attentive.  It took us 6hours to reach Baguio with a few stops to gasoline stations, only for the call of nature :-)

Mirador Hill, 2600 Baguio City
Telephone No. +63.074.3004789

We spent our 4 days stay at the Mirador Jesuit Villa on top of Lourdes Grotto, 1500 meters above sea level.  MJV is a retreat house and spirituality center of the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).  It was built in 1907, the first Jesuit community to live in Baguio.  The house of prayer is big and very solemn, feels like inside the Big Brother house since we have to be quiet all the time, no TV and no internet signal.  We had our everyday mass and sharing with Fr. Vic. I love the experience coz it's something new for me, and I felt closer to God even more. Also, it was a great opportunity to thank God and reflect for all the blessings I received the whole year... Thanks to Lian for bringing me here and meeting Fr. Vic and Jackie.
On our way up to the villa.

The house of prayer

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served, but most of the time we had our lunch and dinner outside.

Good to see other people in the villa aside from the caretaker’s hehe… we had a nice view here on top.  Love the trees and flowers, that’s why i can’t help but to take pictures.

I just love the garden, it’s very relaxing.

Nice view

"The Resurrection"

I so LOVE the flowers here.
 Beautiful flowers inside the Villa's garden.


According to Fr. Vic, from here you can see the "Gulf of Lingayen".

Sea of clouds at night.

The last time I went here was Panagbenga of 2008; it was really crowded at that time because of the festival. But I still love coming to Baguio, I love the weather, the temperature goes down to 11 degrees Celsius usually during at night.  The place still looks very crowded and traffic is getting worse but we still decided to just stroll a bit while looking for a place to eat.

The Burnham Park, it looks better now.

We tried their Strawberry Taho and it's good, it's not just a flavor but with real strawberries.

I’m not sure of their nationalities, but since I love football we watch them play and stay for a while to take some pictures.

Where the traffic is hehe.

Of course, SM is everywhere hehe...

I love this trip because we're not harassed hehe... It’s more of a FOOD TRIP, and was just taking our time. Went to some recommended restaurants here for the first time and I'm sharing it with you.


Aside from food trip, SHOPPING is the 2nd best thing to do here in Baguio. We went to Easter weaving first, then Mines View, the Good Shepherd and the very famous "Palengke".  As much as I want to go to "ukay-ukay" we don't have enough time and I'm not sure if my friend likes it there hehe.

Easter Road, Guisad 2, Baguio City
Tel. No. +63.074.4424972

I bought only 1 item here which is a pen organizer made of wood.

Since Fr. is a pro here, he brought us sa "kasuluk-sulukan at kadulu-duluhan" part of Palengke. I bought curtains, bed sheet, blankets and other stuff for house used.  The cheapest ones are located at the 2F, at the back of the market.  We still want to shop more, but we don't have room for it in the car hehe.

More souvenir shops are located at Kennon Road beside Lion's Head.

Finally, I had my first picture with Lion's Head. Baguio City's most famous landmark.

Well, it's time to say goodbye Baguio, till we meet again. We took the fastest, but kinda dangerous way out because of the zigzag in Kennon Road.  This scares me since I already have a phobia with high mountain roads.

On our way, we saw the sign "Our Lady of Manaoag this way"... since it was still early we decided to drop by. Have been planning to go here for a long time, and now finally my first time here.

Thank you for bringing us safe back home.

I enjoyed this trip, mentally, physically and spiritually!  One thing i hate is, I gain weight.


Baguio Food Trip:

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