Monday, March 28, 2011

Upclose with the AZKALS!

032811 Happy Yipee Yehey Guesting

Im not prepared!!! come i haven't received any news or tweet from them a day prior to their guesting in ABS??? I always have my camera with me but this time i left it at home waaahhh... Good thing some of my friends were ready and informed me about this. 

Anyways, upon knowing it, me and my friends went to the studio hallway to stalk about their whereabouts.  But someone told us that they have an on-going presscon @ the Restaurant 9501 so instead we headed back there. 

Along the way, i got another sms that AZKALS were off to Studio 8 so we went straight there.  I only saw Aly, Anton and some of the pure pinoys @ the presscon but when i step at the studio so happy to see that most of them were present and to my surprised, Neil was there too weeee!!! I just thought he won't be able to make it coz he's leaving for England today.  Finally, got a chance to see them upclose and have a picture taken with them.  How i wish the Younghusband Brothers, Rob Gier, Jerry Lucena and Jason Sabio were there too hehe... who else is missing?

I was just in front of them taking these  pics... i'm not a footbal fan promise lol!

Isn't it obvious who I like in the group? Hmmm he keeps on texting the whole time.
Feel so "Happy Yipee Yehey!"... when will i see you again???

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