Saturday, January 1, 2011

Baguio: MARIO's

Upper Session Road, Baguio City
Tel. No. +63.074.4424241 / 4427445
My Rating: ****

A fine dining restaurant, very classy and cozy I love the fire place, you will feel the season of Christmas... nice decoration! Yep this restaurant is not new for us Manilenos because they have branch in Quezon City. 

Fr. Vic had a 5PM dinner meeting here.  We felt tired that time so we didn't go anywhere, we just stayed and EAT again... by the way, dinner at 5PM? gosh, I'm still full that's why i ordered for salad only and dessert while waiting for father... burp! excuse me :-P

Baguio: FOREST HOUSE Bistro & Cafe

16 Loakan Road, Baguio City
Tel. No's. +63.074.4470459 / 3044553
My Rating: ****

Since Fr. Vic's balikbayan friends from Madrid our joining us for lunch, i was shy to take pictures of the main dishes.  We ordered lots of food mostly Filipino.

Foods are superb..pastries looks yummy and they also have souvenir items for sale.  Staffs are very accommodating and i like the cozy ambiance.

Baguio: WOOD NYMPH Korean Restaurant

2F SM City, Baguio
Tel. No. +63.074.442.8648
My Rating: *****

Unlike Cafe by the Ruins, we thought this resto was closed because no one's eating.  Since we're the only customer that time we had a good service.  They should be thankful to us because after a few minutes passed, customers were coming na hehe.

Since we love Korean food, we left our plates empty hehe whoa so full... burp!  The food is great, i enjoyed it the most.  The staff were friendly and the ambiance is ok, so we gave them a good tip!

korean side dishes

Baguio: CAFE 'by the RUINS

25 Chuntug St., Rizal Park, Baguio City
Tel No. +63.074.442.4010
My Rating: ****

We plan to have our lunch here but because of the long waiting line, we look for another place. Good thing Fr.Vic, made a reservation for our breakfast the next day so I got a chance to finally eat here.

The setting is very Baguio, very Filipino.  Mostly tourists are eating here local and international.  I was supposed to order "champorado" at first but change my mind and order something new which is "Olenick".

Baguio Holiday Getaway

" The Summer Capital of the Philippines "
27-30 December 2010

FB Shoutout: “Tagaytay yesterday, Nueva Ecija today and Baguio tomorrow”.

So hectic! That’s how simply I described my schedules that time hehe… 
It was Christmas day when I got a text message from my friend Lian asking me to join her in Baguio.  I was hesitant at first 'coz I was in Tagaytay during that time, but since I am in the middle of my forced leave vacation from the office which will last till new year, I've decided to go.

After my Tagaytay, I go straight ahead to Nueva Ecija to visit some relatives then went back to Manila to pack my things for Bagiuo. I was just given 2 hours to get ready then and at exactly 11am, Lian was already at the gate to pick me up (on time ha).

We went to Ateneo first to fetch her priest friend Fr. Vic, who actually invited her to Baguio. And since it's a long drive, they both brought lots of food and drinks.  While Lian is having her Starbucks coffee, Father entertained us with his iPad to keep us all awake.

Lian was the only one who knows how to drive among the three of us, and it's her first time driving to Baguio so we all have to be very attentive.  It took us 6hours to reach Baguio with a few stops to gasoline stations, only for the call of nature :-)


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