Saturday, January 1, 2011

Baguio: CAFE 'by the RUINS

25 Chuntug St., Rizal Park, Baguio City
Tel No. +63.074.442.4010
My Rating: ****

We plan to have our lunch here but because of the long waiting line, we look for another place. Good thing Fr.Vic, made a reservation for our breakfast the next day so I got a chance to finally eat here.

The setting is very Baguio, very Filipino.  Mostly tourists are eating here local and international.  I was supposed to order "champorado" at first but change my mind and order something new which is "Olenick".

Filipino "Lon-Si-Log" - longganisang hubad (marinated pork cubes), garlic rice and sunny side up egg.

Olenick's Open Face Tuna - "Butter the bread, spread flake tuna evenly over the buttered surface, dip in a beaten egg and fry in MORE butter" by Nick Joaquin.

It actually tastes good but since it's my 2nd breakfast for the day lol, i only ate half of it :-)

All sandwiches are served with Cassava Fries on the side.

With free fruit cup for the Lonsilog.

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